How do you use digital media most efficiently for learning processes?

This question is asked by trainers and teachers worldwide. Even though there are polarized positions there are good reasons why it is smart to use digital media for learning in a responsible way. 

GTN has worked together with leading educational institutions to develop concepts that help integrate digital media in classroom-situations in a meaningful way.

Make use of our expertise!

Media based lessons
Innovative use of tablets and smartphones in classroom situations

Adaptive learning scenarios with teacher interaction
Individualized digital learning paths - learners are forwarded in their learning process individually

Take educational fun to lessons - from game-based-learning scenarios to gamification elements

Learning is changing rapidly at the moment - to an extent that was the case last during the time letterpress was invented

Educational and working processes are supported by online tools that enhance productivity but should also be put to use for a self-instructed gain of knowledge - from internal documentaion systems to the adequate use of social media. GTN helps you develop digital concepts and the app solutions you need for this process.

We develop for you!

ePortfolio work
Electronical portfolios can start from a collection of materials to process based reflective learning products. Our first module for ePortfolio work is a fully featured eportfolio system for Moodle and is well known in the community - exabis ePortfolio.

To provide learners with the materials and tasks they need in the moment a digital support is inevitable. Dakora (learning with competence grids) was developed for this and helps trainers and learners working on their individual learning paths.

Competence grids
Competence grids visualize competence fields in different difficulty levels in a structured way. The tool that allows to connect competences to materials and tasks has been made available at and is used by a worldwide community.